Licensing and Permits

We are only able to accept cash, check or money order for ATV Permits or Dog Licenses at this time.

ATV Permits

Must obtain ATV permit to operate on City Streets excluding Highway 82/8th Avenue and Highway 204/Division Street. Applicants are required to show proof of insurance, Driver’s License and Oregon ATV Safety card.

New or Renewal - $10.00

Dog License Fees

If you live in the city limits of Elgin, you are required to get a dog license at City Hall here in Elgin for any dog over 6 months old. Applicants are required to provide proof of rabies vaccination with your application.

Spayed or neutered dog license$15.00
Non-spayed or non-neutered dog license:$25.00
Spayed or neutered dog license (seniors 65+ years old):$7.50
Non-spayed or non-neutered dog license (seniors 65+ years old):$12.50
Kennel License (10 dogs or less):$35.00
Kennel License (50 dogs or less):$75.00
Kennel License (100 dogs or less):$150.00
Kennel License (More than 100 dogs):$250.00
Dog License for Kennel Dog:$5.00
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